Taking the inspiration of sustainable architecture, Container Hotel KL is built from renewable freight containers. Innovatively they were redesigned in the style of modernism with colorful and imaginative features.

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The cheerful and bright yellow containers and the guest rooms in the structure of beer barrels greet with a futuristic tank; a reliable watchman majestically guarding the creative vibe from being stolen away by the hustle and bustle of city life.

As a team of young, energetic, and passionate generation Y with the knowledge and expertisein Construction, Design and Management, we feel the need of contributing to the community by bringing the value and concept of sustainability into practicality. By which we turned the ideasinto building Container Hotel.

The idea of Container Hotel was inspired by the concept of "Kyosho Jutaku". In Japanese it means living in style on a tiny footprint by building a fine & compact house utilising only a very small space. With this concept in mind, we further incorporated the ideas of green architecture and the reuse of renewable materials into developing a uniquely constructed Container Hotel.

Container Hotel KL is designed to provide flexible, high quality and yet affordable accommodation for adventurous travellers to rejuvenate while discovering the city vibe. It is aninnovative hotel offering a unique blend of contemporary and innovative charm. Innovativelythey were redesigned in the style of modernism with colorful and imaginative features;combined with creative design and great use of space that provides a fun and distinctive lodging experience to travelers looking for a cool and modish place to stay.

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